Saturday, 25 March, 2023

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Biden to issue order affirming return to Paris climate agreement

Incoming U.S president Joe Biden ahs once again affirmed that the country will retuen to the Paris Climate agreement of 2015.

This will be one of the first decisions that would become law on Tuesday Janury 20th, 2021 – during his inauguration.

It will be rcalled that outgoing president Donald Trump had vowed to walk away from the Paris agreement – making his promise a reality in 2020.

Biden’s decision to return to the Paris agreement is part of his larger green deal he hopes to implement that would ensure the U.S economy transits from fossil fuels to new energy sources such as wind and solar.

Experts say Biden is already on course with his raft of appointments showing his commitment to making the U.S green bastion.

Biden’s selections include former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Gina McCarthy, former Secretary of State John Kerry as well as strong choices for the Departments of Transport and Energy.

Immediately Biden wan the 2020 presidential elections, he was under pressure to set out a clear-cut green policy plan.

Some of the demands include increased subsidies as well as granting tax and tarrif waivers to the solar industry and biofuel interest groups.

He is also expected to go tough on plastic pollution.