Sunday, 03 July, 2022

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How green technology can address Africa’s power needs

African countries have been urged to pursue energy efficiency and especially to supply its devices with electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

This is the view of Sean Xiao, Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei Northern Africa.

In an Op-ed titled ‘New Era of Energy Transformation to a Greener Africa,’ Xiao noted that telecom operators globally were ensuring effective measures to tackle the climate change with more operators committing to net zero carbon emission.

He noted that energy transformation would shape the future of humanity for the next coming decade.

“ICT deployment and carbon footprint is more demanding in Africa with 1.2 billion population, 31% of the population is unconnected and 51% of the population lack reliable power supply, and hence many telecom sites still rely on diesel generator as the main power source. Moreover, the high oil prices make the ICT evolution costly and with traditional energy solutions there is more carbon footprint and this is not a good sign for the healthy climate situation in Africa.”

Sean Xiao, Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei Northern Africa

Solar policy

He added that Huawei believes will fully utilize the rich resources of renewable energy sources in Africa, such as solar power with ambulant natural sunlight.

The Huawei official said Solar for all is a close reality in Africa to ensure “0 “DG and “0 “carbon footprint.

Presently in the Northern Africa, the Chinese firm has about 120,000 physical sites.

It has helped operators deploy hybrid power solutions at about 20,000 sites, advanced hybrid solution have ensured more efficient and reliable green energy to eliminate the digital divide and reduce impacting the environment.

In Ethiopia, more than 400 solar hybrid sites have been built, generating 10,480 MWh of power and reducing 2850 tons of carbon emissions every year.

“With our commitment for social responsibility to build a better world and tackle the climate change problems in quick time, Huawei will continuously innovate power solution with high integration and AI capabilities to build the greener world. We will deploy high integration and Highly efficient products and patent technologies to ensure 98% power efficiency, smart Cooling system; all intelligent energy saving site with intelligent mix approach of solar + lithium battery and All solar approach to reduce the carbon footprint significantly, and cloud based AI and Intelligent O&M. CloudLi battery deployable on the network level maximizing the gain for the operators. All intelligent power and O&M ensure Improved O&M efficiency and theft proof energy worry free rollout for the operators.”

Sean Xiao, Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei Northern Africa

Digital protection

Digital power transformation has been touted as a critical role player in environmental protection.

Xiao said this is because it will help build a fully connected greener Africa and hence it was necessary for regulators, government authorities and operators to share this journey together in delivering the promise of a greener Africa.

He added that it was essential to have a rapid development of highly efficient energy storage technologies.

He concluded that while green ICT transformation needs the cooperation of industry participants, governments need to provide more policy support and work together with environmental organizations to accelerate the transformation.