Monday, 04 July, 2022

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Berlin passes law easing pedestrian movement

Germany’s capital City Berlin has passed a law aimed at easing the movement of pedestrians – thereby ammending the Berlin mobility act.

The City House of Representatives passed the new law which – among other things – gives residents longer green spaces, while older, younger and slower people can now move from one side to the other in one go.

To make this a reality, votes of the Greens, SPD, Left and FDP – after the red-red-green government coalition – voted in support.

The CDU abstained, the AfD voted against.

Other changes include set up zebra crossings, central islands and play streets on a temporary basis . 

Traffic light phases should be more pedestrian-friendly and the needs of older pedestrians should be given greater consideration.

With the amendments and extensions to the Mobility Act, the coalition also wants to address the widespread implementation deficit in the transport sector.

In mid-2018, the Berlin House of Representatives passed the first nationwide mobility law. 

It gives priority to local public transport and bicycle traffic over car traffic and provides, among other things, the massive expansion of the bicycle infrastructure.

 After the pedestrian section, which is now being supplemented, further sections on commercial traffic and intelligent mobility are to follow.