Sunday, 03 July, 2022

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EU needs effective food security strategy for sustainability

The European Union has been urged to implement effective food security strategies to safeguard the livelihoods of citizens.

This formed part of deliberations at webinar held with the theme: Feeding 450 million in a climate friendly way – How does the EU’s attempt to make farming sustainable affect its trading partners?

Stephanie Wunder, Ecologic Institute, said transforming the food system chain across the continent was very vital as the continent’s population demography continues to evolve.

“It’s really a remarkable first step in the needed transformations of food systems, acknowledging what we call negative externalities–our cheap food is too expensive and you see the costs in the health system and the environment.”

Stephanie Wunder, Ecologic Institute

Marcos Fava Neves, University of São Paulo, FGV Business School, noted that the EU had the capacity to drive make a uniform global food system a reality.

He also solicited for an understanding in evolving trade relations with other nations.

With environmental concerns going higher, for farmers it is going to open an opportunity to have payment for environmental services and green credits for financing at lower rates. The most modern farms are not being managed by hectare any more but by square meter because you can use images, you can use drones, you can use everything to put the products only where they are needed.”

Marcos Fava Neves, University of São Paulo, FGV Business School

The webinar was an opportunity for EU officials, experts and food industry representatives to explore plans for a sustainable food system mean for the bloc’s trading partners around the world.