Sunday, 03 July, 2022

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Germany funds BMW’s new battery projects with 68mn Euros

Automaker BMW has secured 68 million Euros for its new battery projects.

BMW AG is participating in two European projects for battery cell production, the so-called battery IPCEIs. 

After developing a next generation of lithium-ion cells and an innovative battery module and battery system concept in the first IPCEI, the focus of BMW’s work.

“With the joint European projects, we have succeeded in building up the battery value chain in Germany and Europe and in securing sustainable jobs. We are supporting BMW in two specific projects in the field of battery storage. Both projects are central to the further expansion of electromobility in Germany. The current project serves the important development of the next but one generation of lithium-ion cells for e-cars. “

Peter Altmaier, German minister of Economic Affairs and Energy

Since the beginning of 2019, the BMWi has been pursuing two major IPCEI projects for research and development in battery cell production with the European Commission and other EU member states.

 The BMWi is providing up to three billion euros to promote the expansion of innovative battery cell production. German companies play a key role in both projects. 

In total, in the two IPCEIs in Germany alone, 15 sponsored companies initiate innovations with investments of over 13 billion euros.

 Several thousand qualified jobs will be distributed over the projects throughout Germany in this way in the area of ​​new, environmentally friendly added value.