Thursday, 05 August, 2021

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Experts warn Lagos authorities about building collapse

The authorities in Lagos, Nigeria, have been warned to enact proactive measures to avert building collapse across the state.

This is moreso as the raining season goes into full swing.

Yekeen Adeboye, President of the Society of Energy Administrators (SEA), said building collapse was more frequent during the rainy season because water remained a strong catalyst that precipitates it in a coastal environment like Lagos.

“Government should develop infrastructure, make way for water, develop the drainage system, so that water will not find its way to where it should not be. I will give kudos to the Lagos State Government, they have been trying with respect to integrity testing on buildings. And we can also admit that the incidences are not as frequent as it used to be, though we still have some but we are improving.”

Yekeen Adeboye, President of SEA

Speaking on new towns development, the SEA scribe said infrastructure must be developed before new settlements spring up to prevent haphazard development leading to future building collapses.

Adeboye said the security of humans, assets and environment would be threatened except templates for QHSE which SEA was pursuing to become law were adhered to.