Thursday, 05 August, 2021

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U.S signs climate, energy partnership with Germany

The United States and Germany have announced the signing of a climate and energy partnership.

The announcement was made in Washington DC after U.S President Joe Biden met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This partnership will strengthen climate ambition and deepen collaboration on the policies and sustainable technologies needed to accelerate the global net-zero future.

Both countries are committed to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and taking decisive action this decade to keep a 1.5-degree Celsius temperature limit within reach.

Biden described the partnership as a bench-marker for the globe.

We’re launching a climate and energy partnership to support energy security and the development of sustainable energy, sustainable energy technologies, and emerging — and emerging economies, including in Central Europe and Ukraine. To unite our efforts to upend and — on our global climate ambitions that we have to up-the-ante, what happened is we talked about when Paris Accord was set, we thought we had established just how serious it was, but things have gotten much more dire since even that date. And to unite our efforts to update and to up-the-ante on global climate — on global climate ambitions.”

Joe Biden, U.S President

He commiserated with Merkel over the death and destruction in Germany following massive flooding.


Merkel said the Washington declaration will ensure that the quest to end carbon emissions is achieved on a global scale.

We talked about the challenge of climate change. And I am very happy that the United States are now back again with us in the Paris Climate Agreement and for Glasgow. That provides us with a totally different basis in order to work among the parties to the treaty better — in a much better and much more efficient way for climate. And we see countries that are (inaudible) by floodings, by wildfires, and by storms in an increasing manner, and that shows that there is a dramatic increase in such unusual weather phenomena and we have to contend with this. Germany and the United States have now forged an Energy and Climate Partnership. I think it’s a very important message that we’re sending here. We want to build on future-oriented technologies — green hydrogen, for example; renewables; electromobility. We’re in competition with others on this planet, and we would like to be successful together. And Germany is very much looking forward to cooperating in this respect.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

Both nations agreed to advance renewable energy technologies and grid integration of variable renewable energy including through energy storage; collaborate on sustainable hydrogen technologies.

They promised to cooperate on efficiency measures across the building and industrial sectors; increase the adoption of electric vehicles; promote technology commercialization from research institutions to industry; advance reliable and resilient energy systems and supply chains; cooperate on advanced sustainable energy systems while promoting inclusivity.

Another point of consensus is supporting communities, and strengthening the workforce; and coordinate in multilateral energy for a including the energy tracks in the G20 and G7, Mission Innovation, Clean Energy Ministerial, International Energy Agency, and IRENA.