Thursday, 05 August, 2021

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Energy efficiency and innovative solutions: Call for applications for start-ups

The Light On association is organizing an “Energy and Sustainable Development Fair” (SEDD for Innovation) competition.

It is a competition dedicated to energy efficiency and innovative off-grid solutions led by young African entrepreneurs, whose goal is to improve the living conditions of the people of the continent.

The competition aims to promote inventiveness and creativity made in Africa in the fields of sustainable development and energy through the implementation of training and financing of innovative projects.

The flagship event of the Light On association develops the label “Powerful Girl” exclusively for women and girls, which is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their skills in the field of sustainable development.

The “Powerful Girl” is also a commitment of Light On in the fight for gender equality and opportunities in the strategic and vital areas of development of African countries.

Five countries – Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal and Togo – are concerned by the competition.

Start-ups, which offer solutions to sustainably enlighten households not connected to the national electricity grid or which develop solutions in the field of energy efficiency, are invited to apply HERE.