Saturday, 25 March, 2023

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Biden proclaims Sept. 25 as national hunting & fishing day

United States President Joe Biden says hunting and fishing have instilled respect for long-cherished natural resources and American ethic of conservation.

Biden made the remark when he declared September 25 as the national hinting and fishing day.

He stated that the time-honored traditions of hunting and fishing played a key role in providing people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy the great American outdoors.

Biden also added that both activities brought families, friends, and neighbors together to bond in the spirit of sportsmanship, cultivate respect for lands, waters, and wildlife, and provide peaceful sanctuary amid our Nation’s natural wonders.  

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, hunting and fishing have been especially critical in providing a recreational reprieve for many Americans from the stressors of these difficult times.  When entertainment venues, stadiums, gyms, and local businesses were closed, hunting and fishing afforded many Americans the opportunity to commune with nature and find some semblance of normalcy. The majestic public lands and waters of our country — and our responsibility to serve as good stewards of the natural resources we have been blessed with — are even more appreciated by those who took to the great outdoors as an outlet during the pandemic. It is one of the reasons the Department of the Interior recently announced the largest expansion of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands in recent history.”

Joe Biden, U.S President

The American president noted that his administration would ensure public lands were available to every American for activities like hunting and fishing.

He said this was because they were central his administration’s “America the Beautiful” initiative — an ambitious goal to pursue a locally-led and national, voluntary effort to conserve, connect, and restore 30 percent of our lands and waters, by 2030. 

“We will continue to carry out this program together with agricultural and forest landowners; anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts; Tribal Nations, States, and territories; local officials; and other important partners and stakeholders in order to identify conservation strategies that reflect the priorities of all communities.  This initiative is only a starting point in our efforts to protect our environment and conserve our resources for future generations.  We will continue to rely on America’s sportswomen and men to pass on their love and respect for our lands, waters, and wildlife to our children and grandchildren.”

Joe Biden, U.S President


Hunting and fishing also play a large role in funding America’s conservation efforts, for example through fishing licenses and Duck Stamps — works of art that for nearly a century have helped protect habitats for birds and other wildlife.  

These activities also fuel economic prosperity — especially in rural communities — with more than 50 million Americans hunting and fishing every year, creating over $200 billion in economic activity and supporting over 1.5 million jobs