Saturday, 25 March, 2023

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Nigeria to get 10 additional green reserves

The quest to expand Nigeria’s its green areas is on course.

That is because the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) plans to create 10 additional reserves.

This is part of its Green Recovery Nigeria Project.

Folake Salawu, Coordinator, NCF Green Recovery Nigeria, said the reserves would be located in different parts of the country.

“Presently, we are partnering with all the national parks in Nigeria to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, including forest areas. We have a flagship conservation area in Lagos called the Lekki Conservation Centre and we are presently working with partners in Finima Nature Parks, Rivers State. We are also working with the national park in Omo River, in Ogun State and others across the country. We are in the process and our target is to create additional 10 reserves.”

Folake Salawu, Coordinator, NCF Green Recovery Nigeria

The coordinator said that NCF would work with all stakeholders across the six geo-political zones to identify where the reserves could be located.

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, will also benefit with the establishment of the Gusape Reserve later this year